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Using microturbines for energy production is a relatively new technology. In our solutions we offer products from the world's largest microturbine producer - Capstone. As a great advantage the Capstone turbines have only one moving part, which guarantees a long life and small maintenance costs. Capstone turbines use patented air bearings which do not need lubrication or coolants. The work of turbines can be remotely controlled and observed. Low noise and vibration level makes it a good solution for office buildings, hospitals, hotels, spas and elsewhere as a continuous or backup energy supply.

As a fuel natural gas, biogas, sewage gas, propane, diesel and petroleum can be used.

Microturbines can be installed as single units or as a set made of several modules.Turbine can be connected parallel to the grid or as a standalone unit.

Capstone produces microturbines from 35 to 1000 kW in electrical power.

Additional information can be found from the following brochure: 

Working principle of a microturbine:

Introduction of air bearings: