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Engineering services

Mechanical engineering

Designing machines is a creative job that requires commitment. One needs a lot of knowledge and experience to find the right solutions. Product development can be divided into three phases: idea - project - implementation. All of these are intertwined with each other. You have an idea how to enhance your manufacturing process, we develop it into a thorough project so that you can put it to use. In cooperation we will find the most cost-effective and user friendly solution.

In the design process we will be using 3D CAD software. This allows us to comprehend the tiniest details of the device and how to fit it into your existing systems. In addition, you get an early overview of the end result and how it fulfils your demands.

Product virtual analysis

Many products need to be evaluated and analysed for function and strength. Products for most demanding application (like automotive, marine, seismic etc) needs to be analysed for vibration. Usually final tests are made with physical prototype. In some cases it is cost effective to make virtual analysis for vibration before making physical tests. We can do virtual analysis for you by using advanced analysis software.

Plant engineering, layout and piping

We offer to industrial customers engineering design services for equipment layout, installation and piping. Using unexceptionally 3D CAD software we can achieve as correct design as possible. We also offer full service for designing new industrial buildings with equipment starting from idea to design completion.

Equipment renovation

Equipment renovation can be much more beneficial then buying new equipment. We can offer full package from finding defects to full renovation according to modern factory needs including automation.

Our capabilities

  • Plant engineering, layout and piping
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Software we use:
    • PTC Creo Elements Direct
    • Solidworks
    • Vertex G4 Plant
    • Others on demand