Teamwork Engineering OÜ specializes in the design of industrial solutions (pipeline design, factory design, project management). Many industrial companies the production processes descriptions are still only on paper. With laser scanning (3D surveying) it is possible to make everything available digitally 3-dimensional. On basis of that model it is possible to add information about all devices, pipes, fittings, etc. to the exact 3D model. As the industry is constantly changing, with the 3D model of your own production processes, you can make changes, innovations and additions to existing processes faster and save money.

The existence of a detailed 3D model helps to:

  • installation of new equipment / piping in the room
  • updates / additions to the necessary processes
  • take into account in more detail the cost of the material required
  • on building extensions
  • good promotional material for your customers

We have divided our work process into the following stages and offer a full package:

  • Laser scanning – surveying of existing processes (pipelines, pipe fittings, equipment, etc.) into a 3D point cloud model, from which it is possible to take measurements and coordinates.
  • P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) – we compile a P&I diagram of the planned pipelines, pipe fittings and equipment (if possible, we also link to the existing P&I diagram).
  • Creating a 3D model – we will create a 3D model of the existing piping and equipment and add the planned piping / equipment.
  • Preparation of working drawings – we prepare working drawings and specifications of the pipelines to be added.

We offer our customers the following services:

  • Design of industrial pipelines
  • Design of production processes
  • Factory design
  • Technological project management
  • Development of process diagrams (P&ID)
  • Digitization of drawings / process diagrams

Solutions are increasingly being sought to automate production and maximize profitability. Mechanical engineering design has been one of the main directions of Teamwork Engineering OÜ since the establishment of the company. The development of machinery and equipment is a creative and dedicated job. Finding a suitable solution requires good experience and knowledge. The Teamwork Engineering team has been involved in mechanical design and product development in various industries for over 15 years, during which time more than 100 mechanical engineering projects have been implemented.

We design and manufacture the following equipment:

Natural gas is a very good solution for the technological processes of industrial companies, energy production and transport. Natural gas can be consumed as pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG). Teamwork Engineering OÜ offers the design of gas supply with all different forms of gas. In addition, we offer solutions for the use of biogas and gases generated in the production processes of industrial companies.

Advantages of liquefied natural gas (LNG):

  • possibility to supply areas without a natural gas network
  • liquefaction reduces the volume of natural gas significantly (1/600), which makes transportation and storage economical and easy
  • in regasification, LNG is cleaner than regular natural gas
  • liquefaction of natural gas makes it easy and economical to transport and store

Advantages of compressed natural gas (CNG):

  • cheaper than liquid fuels
  • more environmentally friendly than liquid fuels
  • the range of CNG cars is expanding
  • safer compared to liquid fuels
  • CNG is a pioneer for biomethane, a renewable energy source

Biogas and biomethane

Biogas is a gaseous fuel obtained by anaerobic digestion, which decomposes the organic matter in the raw material to produce biogas and digestate. As an added value, the intensity of manure odor in the case of biogas production, the content of pathogens, the emission of greenhouse gases during storage, the destruction of weed seeds, and the share of ammonium in total nitrogen increase. Biogas can be produced both from biomass growing on arable land and from biomass produced in production. Residues from agricultural production may be manure, fodder residues, horticultural waste, etc.

When cleaning biogas, it is possible to produce a renewable fuel – biomethane. During biogas purification, the content of methane is increased and the share of carbon dioxide and other unnecessary substances in the biogas is reduced. As a result, the calorific value of biogas increases and the possibility of corrosion in the systems decreases. In Estonia, biomethane must contain at least 98% methane when mixed with natural gas or introduced into the gas network. If the quality of biomethane corresponds to that of natural gas, it can be used wherever natural gas is used (eg in vehicles using compressed gas). In the case of a car running on compressed gas, it is necessary to take into account more frequent refueling compared to liquid fuels, but the retail price of compressed gas is cheaper.

We offer our customers the following services:

We are a reseller of FlexLink products. FlexLink is a world-class expert in factory automation. Working with their global customers, they have been providing innovative and automated solutions for smarter, safer and lower operating costs for over 35 years. FlexLink has a large customer base, from local manufacturers to global corporations and from end users to machine manufacturers. They provide state-of-the-art solutions to manufacturing companies in the food, hygiene, healthcare, automotive and electronics industries.

FlexLink product catalog 2019

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